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Welcome to Nightcap National Park,
land of the Widjabal people
for the last 6000 years.

Although other tribes such as the Galibal and Githabul have wandered through the edges of this country it is the Widjabal who have made it there home.
This land and the water that flows through it are sacred to the Widjabal. The Widjabal were well respected by other tribes and they were known as the Clever People.They were believed to have special powers and could predict the future including bush fires and the arrival of white man..
This Nightcap area was known as paradise because of the plentiful supply of food and fresh water.The Widjabal moved across the land gathering the local food such as the blue Quandong fruit ,macadamia nuts and finger limes.Bandicoots ,wallabies ,bush turkey ,snakes and possums were in large numbers.

The people would travel out of Nghtcap for short periods to visit Ballina and trade fruit and gemstones they had gathered from Nightcap in exchange with local tribes for mullet and salmon.
In 1861 their lives changed forever with the coming of white man.Europeans cleared their land for farming and brought fatal disease to the tribe.Missions were set up where many died of disease and depression.
In 2001 a Native Title Claim was set up to recognise the aboriginal ownership of the land and now we show our respect for their country.
Be careful as you tread gently here.The Widjabal believe the sacred spirits of Buyung and Wabangah ,are still here and roam the forests at night

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